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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gay Marriage issues

It would seem that throughout todays news you cannot go without seeing someone writing about the evils of same sex marriage. I myself feel that we should be allowed the rights that our constitution grants us. Further more, people should stop trying to tell others how to live and clean up their own lives. The church rules with fear often preaching issues that are not covered in their wonderous book. Let me remind you that the Bible is not a rule book, it is merely a recounting of stories handed down orally and eventually written. I personally feel that if Marriage is designed to procreate then there are alot of heterosexual couples who should be penalized because they have no children. Love transcends all ills in life. We can achieve so much more when we learn to accept people for their differences instead of forcing our way of life on them. What I am saying is that these bible thumping right-wingers should stop and think of how they would feel if they were the targets of hate and bigotry. They just might think twice about the possibility that some people just might decide to burn a few bibles.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Home life

In 2005 I met someone who has over the past few years given my life new meaning. Although we at times don't always see things eye to eye, we do manage to find a common ground on issues.

We tried our hand at creating a book and gift shop with a pagan flavor. Just when business began picking up, the building developed ground water problems which resulted in Black mold issues. When Will started getting sick, we returned the building and bought a mobile home at the edge of town.

It has been a year now and despite the struggle to financially keep our heads above water, we are beginning to enjoy our home. Did I mention that his parents bought a home next to us?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Being a gay parent

I have been blessed with two sons. The first passed away after a long illness, the second has moved on with his life and given me four great grand children.

Now having put my life back on track, meeting a man whom I love with all my heart, and the two of us wanting a child to complete our lives. Someone we can raise with all the love we can muster. Provide a home safe and secure, where they can grow up feeling loved and given the opportunity to be all they can be in their life.